A New Feature – Christopher’s choice

I’m introducing a new feature here at the Jellybean. Every week we go to the library and I pick up a pile of books for this blog. But C also picks four or five books out of the general collection that he wants to read. He’s fairly non-discriminatory. There are a lot of pirates and dinosaurs involved, but sometimes it seems like he just reaches out and pulls any five books of the shelf.

In any case, over the course of the week, as we read the books for this, we also work our way through the ones he has chosen.  I have discovered some really wonderful books as a result of my son’s scattershot approach. So I have decided to introduce a weekly(ish) feature where I review one book from that pile – the one he decides is his favourite for that week. I’ll hold it up to the same standards as all the others, but of course it will be guaranteed at least one point, by virtue of being the one C has chosen. First one incoming shortly. 🙂

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