Of Postcards and Patreon

Hey did you know that the Bookish Jellybean has a Patreon that you can subscribe to in order to support what I’m doing here? You can drop as little as $1 a week into a tip jar that accumulates and lets me go in search of all the books on my list that I do not have access to via the library.

Also, if you’re one of the early adopters, you can get a hand-drawn postcard sent to you anywhere in the world as a thank you. I’m only offering five of these, and two have already been taken, so if you’d like one, pop over now and hit the “Become a Patron” button.

Here are pictures (shared with the permission of the recipients) of the ones I’ve sent off so far:


If you’ve never used Patreon, essentially what it is is a way of becoming a patron of what I am doing. The first post I do each week I put in as a paid post, even though everything on the Jellybean is freely available to everyone. That means you’ll never get charged for more than one a week. You can set your own level of patronage, and even put a cap on it, I believe.

It’s an awesome way to support the time that goes into this, and to help me widen the range of books I can review.

The Jellybean is a labour of love, and I don’t really ever expect it to become an income or anything like that, but support is still always appreciated. 🙂

There’s also a list of all the books I haven’t been able to find. If you’d like to support me by sending me a book, that’s another amazing way to help.

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