Harry By the Sea – Gene Zion/Margaret Bloy Graham

More in the Series – Harry
“More in the Series” scores the other books in a series where one (or more) of the books have made it into the 1001 Books list. Mostly because I’m a bit of a completionist. 

POINTS: 3 out of 10.

Bechdel: 0 points
Variety of characters: 1 point
Good story:  2 points
Discretionary ideological points: 0 points.

This is much like the other Harry books. Harry is pretty much the only character with a name, so it can’t pass Bechdel, but even if we removed the “named” part of the test, it still wouldn’t.

Harry’s family is white, and so are all the minor characters with whom he actually interacts, but there are people of colour hanging out on the beach, so at least it’s not a totally white-washed world.

It’s a cute story. Harry gets hot because the sun is doing its sun thing, and goes in search of shade. He eventually ends up in the water covered in seaweed and everyone thinks he is some kind of sea-monster. He runs around causing mayhem trying to find his family. Chaos and shenanigans ensue. But all ends well. Huzzah!

It’s cute, and worth a read. C thought the whole seaweed covered sea-monster thing was totally hysterically funny. It was fun to read. Nothing super subversive or interesting going on, but a neat little story. Probably my favourite in the series so far, despite not having much to say about it.


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