An Explanation of the Scoring

Each book is scored out of 10.

Scores are broken down as follows:

Does it pass the Bechdel? 1 point

Does it accurately represent the variety of life? (This means, does it have characters that are female, people of colour, disabled, lgbqt, etc., and are they Real People, not just tokens?)  Max of 5 points.

Is it a good tale? (i.e.: Did C actually enjoy it? Did I?) (DISCLAIMER: Yes, this is obviously subjective, but I figure giving my kid one discretionary point can’t hurt.) 2 points

3 discretionary points for things like giving good messages about consent, ideological stuff that I think is nifty, being feminist even if it fails Bechdel (Yes! It can happen!), and so forth.


I totally reserve the right to change and adapt this scoring system as I go. I will also have an actual discussion about each book in the post, where I come at it from my background in narrative theory and critique. I also ABSOLUTELY welcome smart and intelligent debate. You don’t have to agree with me, but you’d better be able to back your opinion. 😉

I’m also hoping people will jump in and comment with better alternatives to any book they see fit.

This is a work in progress and will no doubt evolve over time. But this seems like a reasonable starting point.